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Local History Resources of the Connecticut Room & the Museum

The Connecticut Room contains mainly published volumes on various topics relating to Connecticut and its history. You'll find books on general topics such as church history, as well as books that are more specifically local, such as bound photostat records of the Congregational Church. The Connecticut Room also contains work by local authors, from the well-known to the obscure.

If you are researching your family's history, a number of sources are available. These include the church records mentioned above, some published family histories, published military records, town history books -- mostly written in the 19th century -- and compilations of vital statistics, often listed with the town histories.

One book which is an invaluable -- though not infallible -- resource is William Cothren's History of Ancient Woodbury, first published in the 1850s and revised and updated into the 1870s. Volume III is a compilation of birth, baptism, marriage and death records from the five towns that originally were part of Woodbury. It is a useful starting point for researchers looking into family history.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for in the published volumes on the shelves, there are some grey document boxes which contain loose files with some town history papers and other material relating to the town's history. These files are arranged by subject, in alphabetical order. The Guide to Resources in the Connecticut Room is a list of these files that also cross-references other related subjects.

A couple of other places to look for family history information or other information on Washington history are:

If you do not find what you want in the Connecticut Room, don't give up hope! The Museum has four file cabinets of material on local history and family subjects. These, like the Connecticut Room files, are arranged alphabetically by subject, and are divided into general subject files and individual and family files. These files are continually being added to as information comes to us, and we encourage you to share anything you uncover so that we can help future generations and others with questions about local history and genealogies.

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