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Welcome to the Junior Library!

For more information on programs, to confirm times or register, please call us at 860-868-2310 or email us. If you're not familiar with offerings in the junior library, check out the tour.

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2016 Summer Reading Program "On Your Mark, Get Set... READ!

Summer Reading continues and there is still plenty of time to sign up for this program that emphasizes physical fitness and health — as well as reading! Children will receive a journal to keep track of time spent reading, being read to or even listening to books on CD. For each hour of reading children receive a ticket to enter drawings to win the many prizes donated to the library by local business and patrons. The more they read, the better their chances of winning a prize! Children who read throughout the summer will be better prepared for school work in the fall. There is more time for pleasure reading which improves skills and gives children a real love of books. Sign-ups continue throughout the summer until the program ends August 13th. To compliment the reading program, there are Tuesday evening family programs based on the fitness theme.

  • Tuesday, July 19th at 6:30 features "Yoga with Molly." Local mom, Molly Leonard, will lead a simple overview to yoga. Children will be introduced to the benefits stretching and relaxing can have on physical and mental health. Yoga is exercise anyone can accomplish. It improves flexibility and helps cope with stress — to find inner peace and happiness! Children of all ages are welcome — no experience needed! Please dress for exercise and feel free to bring a yoga mat or towel.


  • Tuesday, July 26th at 6:30 "Fuel Your Body" will be presented by local nutrition expert, Michelle Sisk. Michelle will lead a hands-on, full-of-fun workshop about food groups and eating healthy, using games and art. Youngsters will learn what foods are "healthy" and "not healthy" so they can make better food choices. Participants will make a food rainbow fruit kabob that can be eaten as a "healthy" snack for the evening. Learn to fuel your body with powerful vitamins and minerals that actually taste good! All ingredients provided. Please sign up to attend.

    Fun at the Gunn

    The library is a great place to just cool off or escape a rainy day. When the kids getting antsy and need somewhere different to go that is free and has lots to do, pop into the Gunn Junior Library. Each Saturday during July drop in from 10:00 to 2:00 for board games, crafts, puzzles and more. Meet your friends or make new ones while enjoying some play time. Check out DVD's, books on CD, music CD's and Nooks for those long car trips. Try a new board game, check out a museum or state park pass, or shop at our basement book shop - all at your local library!

  • Friday, July 15th from 3:30 to 4:30 the Litchfield County Cooperative Extension Service and our local 4-H will host "Just Floating Around." WATER. Too much... too little... never where we need it. Water is one of the most crucial issues that we, as a population, will need to deal with. So what can kids do to help? This workshop will focus on how water and plastic affect our ecosystem and what kids can do to make a positive impact on their environment. This is an interactive workshop with hands on fun, but is best suited for children ages 5 and older.

  • Saturday, July 16th from 11:00 to 12:00, join Donett and Sunny, our local therapy dog team, for our "Reading with Rover" program. Children can sign up and read to Sunny for 15-minute sessions. This specially trained and certified therapy dog has been taught the necessary mannerisms and skills so he can interact comfortably with children. The pair can snuggle together over a shared story allowing the child's confidence to grow. If the words need sounding out or are mispronounced the dog will only continue to listen quietly. This program is especially helpful to reluctant, shy or struggling readers improving their confidence and giving them a fun and positive experience. Children who enjoy reading are likely to read more often, attempt more difficult reading levels, talk about their books, and learn something about a wide variety of subjects. Therapy dogs can help children learn to read and LOVE to read. You must register in advance to participate. Please call the Junior Library a 860-868-2310 for a 15-minute session with Sunny. Only four sessions are available.

    Ben's Bells Presentation to Gunn Memorial Library

    The Gunn Memorial Library in Washington, CT was recently presented with a "Ben's Bell" by Washington Primary School, their local elementary school. WPS's Principal Emily Judd, WPS students Kaya and Asia Peck, Spencer Campbell and WPS librarian Brooke Faison presented the bell to GML's Executive Director, Jean Chapin.

    Ben's Bells is a nationwide organization with the mission to inspire, educate, and motivate people to realize the impact of intentional kindness, and to empower individuals to act according to that awareness, thereby strengthening themselves, their relationships and their communities. By focusing on kindness and being intentional in our personal interactions, we can improve our ability to connect. Each month thousands of volunteers get together to make the clay pieces that form the bells. No artistic ability needed. The pieces are fired, glazed and fired again, then assembled. By the time the bell is completed, at least 10 people have participated in its creation. The bells are randomly hung in public areas to remind people to practice intentional kindness every day.

    The Gunn Junior Library, where the bell will be seen by hundreds of children and families, is thrilled to display this bell and promote its powerful message. The students of Washington Primary School have been promoting acts of kindness during their school days and they hope this hand-crafted symbol and its melodic sound will remind library patrons to be kind to one another.

    Attention Collectors!

    Do you have something unique or unusual? Something you collect that you would like to share by showing? Sign up in the Gunn Junior Library to exhibit your collection in one of our display cases.

    AWE-some Computer Stations!

    Librarians from the Northwest Corner recently gathered at the Junior Library for a first-hand experience with an early childhood digital learning solution called the Early Literacy Station. Manufactured by AWE, the Early Literacy Station is a touch-screen computer designed specifically for children ages 2 through 8, featuring more than 70 educational software programs spanning seven curricular areas. Because it does not require an Internet connection, it is a safe and secure educational computer solution for children in the library.

    The colorful keyboard and engaging graphics entice young patrons to try the machines. Children are frequently found working at the stations in pairs, which fosters collaborative and interactive learning opportunities. Parents and caregivers also enjoy sitting with very young children as they begin to develop early computer skills through experimental play.

    The Gunn Junior Library has three Early Literacy Stations, all purchased with funds from a generous donor. Subjects include reading, math, drawing, geography, science, music, typing, and other activities. Many of the programs are available in bilingual Spanish and bilingual French as well as English.

    "We were glad to help librarians from other Connecticut towns learn about these digital learning tools, which are much easier to maintain for users at this level than traditional computers" said Jean Chapin, Executive Director. "Many local parents have discovered how much fun their children have with our AWE computers, and we welcome children from neighboring towns to come try them too." Learn more about it here: www.awelearning.com

    BookFlix Attracts Young Readers

    An engaging, online video literacy program from Scholastic is available to patrons of the Junior Library. BookFlix allows children to listen to recorded stories and watch colorful animations true to the book's original illustrations, while following along with the text page by page on screen; or they may choose to read the text on their own. More than 100 fiction video storybooks are paired with non-fiction titles. After reading or listening to the fictional story Bear Has a Story to Tell, in which a young bear wants to tell his friends a story before they go to sleep for the winter, BookFlix presents the related non-fiction book How Do You Know It's Winter? introducing young readers to climate and the behavior of animals and people in the winter.


    This pairing of fiction with non-fiction reinforces reading skills and develops real-world knowledge and understanding. Activities such as vocabulary games and interviews with book authors are also available. The curriculum supports Connecticut grade level expectations and preparation for the Connecticut Mastery Test.

    "We always look for new ways to help children learn to love reading," said Jean Chapin, GML's Executive Director. "BookFlix integrates engaging technology while supporting parents, teachers and other adults in a child's life in their efforts to encourage active reading. We love introducing BookFlix to children who enjoy using computers when they visit the library."

    Directions for adults provide suggested activities to reinforce what was learned in the video and book. The BookFlix topics are categorized according to nine themes: Animals and Nature, Earth and Sky, Family and Community, People and Places, Music and Rhyme, ABC's and 1, 2, 3's, Adventure, Imagination, and Celebrations.

    For home access, go to Scholastic BookFlix Online and enter your 14-digit library card number. Access to BookFlix is available in the Library to all visitors. For more information, contact Gunn Junior Librarian Linda Morse at 860-868-2310.

    Suitcase Adventures

    Have you visited a foreign country lately?

    Travel on a "suitcase adventure" to a favorite country. Suitcases include: Both fiction and non-fiction books, currency, child's size clothing, music, musical instruments, authentic souvenirs, maps, postcards, menus, and more.

    Left: Departing from the Gunn Junior Library are Clare Moore & Owen Kent of Washington, CT.

    For more information call 860-868-2310 or email: gunnjr@biblio.org

    Nooks for Kids!

    Check out a new Nook Simple Touch or Nook Color Tablet from the Junior Library! Children’s classics come to life using one of our new e-book readerss. Read stories to your kids or let the Nook read to them! Some selections are interactive for even more fun. Chapter books are available for independent readers too. The devices are loaned for 7 days.


    Email Notification Service

    Would you like to be notified by email about upcoming events, Saturday programs and storytimes being held in the Junior Library? We have an email list to inform parents and caregivers of upcoming events by email. If you would like to be included, please contact the library either by email, phone or in person in the Junior Library.

    Family Passes

    Are you looking for something fun to do? The Junior Library has "Family Passes" to the following local museums and nature centers. Passes may be checked out for three days.

    Fun & Educational Web Sites

    If you have found a site you like, please e-mail us and we'll include it here.

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